Monday, June 21, 2021
Luke Hodge

Fans Devastated Luke Hodge Has Retired Without Winning Elusive 5th Premiership

"People throw around the word tragedy a bit too easily these days, but it feels like an understatement today"
Wasted Beer

AFL To Throw Book At Fan Who ‘Wasted Beer’ Thrown At Essendon Players

"To waste precious beer in this era of resource shortages is absolutely disgusting! You realise the Amazon rainforest is burning right?"
Test Match Board Game

Remainder Of Ashes To Be Decided By Test Match Board Game If Rain Persists

"We're confident it will still be a very exciting contest" said a spokesperson for the English Cricket Board.
Marnus Lasagne

Lasagne Adopted As Australia’s National Dish In Tribute To Marnus

After another delicious display from Marnus Labuschagne in the third Ashes test, Australia has officially made lasagne our national dish to honour the great man.
Brad Scott Emotional

Brad Scott Emotional About Last Chance To Whinge In Press Conference

“Having the opportunity to front the media every week and whinge so virtuously has been more than just a job for me, it’s my passion"
Gary Ablett Bald

Gary Ablett Objects To Being Labelled As ‘Bald’

“I admit I may have a slight flaw with my hair growing technique, but to say I’m bald is totally unfair”