Sunday, September 20, 2020
Drone Fishing

Investigation Finds Drone Fishing Chair Still Safer Than Tiger Air

“While that’s not exactly a high standard, seriously mate, did you see that guy? What a bloody mad dog!"
George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin Spotted Umpiring At Wimbledon To Avoid Writing The Winds Of Winter

“He’ll literally do anything to avoid writing the book, and he’s got so much pull around the world that he can make his ridiculous excuses a reality"
Biggest Morning Tea

‘You’re Welcome Kids’ Says Man Who Donated $2.35 To Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser

“Cop that cancer” he was also heard saying while dumping his shrapnel collection into a donation bucket.
Ned Stark

Sportsbet Regrets Paying Out Early On Ned Stark To Sit On Iron Throne

“Look we may have gone a bit soon on that one”
Trump Wall

Trump Impressed By How Quickly Game Of Thrones Wall Was Rebuilt

“I didn’t see one Mexican get past it the whole time, not one, those guys really know what they’re doing”

Shouting And Shoving Pamphlets In Faces Still Best Way To Promote Political Party

“You might think that annoying people makes them less likely to vote for your candidate, but you’d definitely be wrong”