Monday, June 21, 2021
Boomer Internet

Boomer Spends Hours Complaining To Internet Company For Wasting His Time

A former small business owner has unleashed a tirade of abuse on his internet provider, due to what appears to have been a fairly minor inconvenience.
Scomo Vaccine

Scomo Admits He’s Pretty Relieved He Managed To Get Vaccine Before Supply Issue

“It’s a good thing the state Premiers mostly managed to eradicate the virus in this country, otherwise people would be really pissed at the moment"

Realistic Dentist Recommends Flossing At Least 2-3 Times Per Lifetime

"I realised I barely even floss myself because it’s super annoying so stopped giving my patients such a hard time about it”

Report: Trump Typed LOL When He Wasn’t Actually Laughing Out Loud

Multiple staffers witnessed Mr Trump typing 'LOL' in reply to a text message from a good friend by the name of Vladimir, despite not even cracking a smile.
All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter Protesters Target Homeless Shelter Fundraiser

“Are you saying my needs aren’t as important as theirs? I thought people wanted equality!"
Scott Morrison Hawaii

‘It’s Not Like I Was Doing Anything In Australia Anyway’ Scomo Defends Hawaii Trip

"After showing no leadership and taking no action in response to the devastating fires for several weeks, I figured a little trip to some Hawaiian beaches wouldn't make a difference"