AFL Admits ARC Bunker Built To Hide Goal Reviewers After Bad Decisions


Following a perplexing decision not to a disallow a goal from Collingwood’s Josh Thomas during the final quarter of Saturday’s Preliminary Final against GWS, the AFL’s score review process has once again come under fire.

“People seem to have missed the main reason we built ARC” CEO Gillon McLachlan said of the AFL Review Centre.

“We’re not so much trying to make the right calls during games, ARC was built to allow the muppets we employ for score reviews to hide after a terrible decision.

“And it worked perfectly, those poorly trained monkeys are still tucked away down there and protected from the fans who are understandably appalled by their incredible inability to do their job”.

Seems Legit understands that the multi-million-dollar ARC bunker is more than 20 metres underground at an undisclosed location, making it almost impossible to find, and if anyone did track it down, they’d be confronted with state-of-the-art security.

“It makes the maximum-security prison they’re holding El Chapo in look like a child proof gate”.

Despite footage showing that the ball was clearly touched off the boot, meaning that a behind should have been awarded instead of a goal, McLachlan claimed that the reviewer “followed the correct process to get the decision wrong”.

“Also, the on-field umpires made a series of howlers throughout the game, so in a way it’s more consistent to botch some score reviews as well”.

Critics have argued that the AFL should have spent some of the money used building ARC on upgrading the iPhone 3 cameras currently used on goal lines.

“We’ve now upgraded most grounds to the iPhone 4S camera so that’s a ridiculous criticism” said McLachlan.

“The cameras actually showed a clear-cut image too, so even though the decision was obviously wrong, it was actually possible to make the correct one. Let’s focus on the positives here people.

“And speaking of positives, don’t forget that the horrible review allowed Collingwood back into the game, giving their fans hope before it was torn away from them. Did you see Eddie McGuire’s face? Totally worth it in my opinion”.