Friday, April 23, 2021
Drone Fishing

Investigation Finds Drone Fishing Chair Still Safer Than Tiger Air

“While that’s not exactly a high standard, seriously mate, did you see that guy? What a bloody mad dog!"
Toilets Closed For Cleaning

2 Office Cleaners Somehow Close Off Toilets On All 3 Floors At Once

“Yeah, there’s really not much to do when it gets cleaned every day so we do like to mess with them a bit”
Scott Morrison Hawaii

‘It’s Not Like I Was Doing Anything In Australia Anyway’ Scomo Defends Hawaii Trip

"After showing no leadership and taking no action in response to the devastating fires for several weeks, I figured a little trip to some Hawaiian beaches wouldn't make a difference"
Barnaby Joyce Disgusted To Be Asked Questions

Barnaby Joyce Disgusted To Be Asked Questions In ‘Tell All’ Interview He Requested

After months of demanding privacy for he and his families, Barnaby Joyce refused to relax his position despite inviting Channel 7 into his home for a $150K interview.
New Neighbour

New Neighbour Ingratiates Himself By Moving In At 5am On Sunday

“I really appreciate it” said Stephanie, a surgeon who lives next door and will now be working off four hours less sleep as she attempts to save lives today.
IQ Test Genius

Report: 95% Of People Score In Top 2% Of Online IQ Test

"It's almost definitely not because our company earns money based on how many people take the test, and that most people would only share their results and encourage their friends to take it if they've performed well"