Man Unsure Whether He Really Needs To ‘Safely Eject USB’ Or Can Just Yank It Out

Kevin (42) is finally starting to question if he should continue utilising the option to safely remove USB hardware from his computer when he’s finished using it.

“I’ve seen other people be so cavalier with their USB drives, and they never seem to have any problems, but why would they give us the ability to do it if it wasn’t necessary?” said a clearly stressed Kevin.

Clint, a handsome, burly man who used to beat up Kevin in High School, is one such person who doesn’t use the manual eject feature.

Clint is known for getting blind drunk every night, wearing sunglasses indoors, and taking home gorgeous women in their early twenties.

“Yeah, I just yank the bugger out and get back to sinking beers and picking up chicks” exclaimed Clint, before speeding off in his convertible sports car with two young models.

Despite his newfound scepticism, it appears Kevin is going to continue taking the conservative approach.

“What if something goes wrong and I lose the backup copies of my stamp collection photos?

“And more importantly, if I stop now, all that time I’ve spent safely removing my USB drives over the years will have been wasted.

“I don’t think I’m ready to deal with that”.