Trump Impressed By How Quickly Game Of Thrones Wall Was Rebuilt

Trump Wall

While viewing the finale of epic TV series, Game of Thrones, US President Donald Trump became captivated with how swiftly the wall was rebuilt after being decimated by the fire blast of controversial dragon, Viserion.

“We should hire those Night’s Watch guys! Are they available?” Trump reportedly said to his Cabinet.

Unsurprised by the President’s difficulty with distinguishing fiction from reality, several advisors pointed out that he’s not only watching a fantasy TV show, but that he was looking at a completely separate part of the wall to that which was destroyed.

“I didn’t see one Mexican get past it the whole time, not one, those guys really know what they’re doing” replied the President.

Despite the pleas of his inner-circle, Trump held a press conference shortly after to announce a new plan for his wall at America’s southern border.

“It’s going to be beautiful folks, we’re going to have a brand-new wall, so big, so beautiful, and it’s going to be made out of ice people, ice, but it will be completely dragon proof” announced Trump.

“We’re in contact with some magnificent young men, Jon Snow and…I want to say Timmy…or Tommy…you know, the hairy one who likes the big woman…anyway, they’re not that busy anymore and they’re going to make it their number one priority.

“Some may say the wall is going to be too secure, too safe, but that’s just the fake news media. Believe me, it’s going to be great folks…not sure how all that ice is going to go in the summer time, but they’ll work it out, you’ll see”.

White House staff have claimed that Trump has also made some disturbing suggestions about what he thinks should have happened in Game of Thrones while watching the series.

“You see, they’ve got a brother and sister in a loving relationship, a nephew with his auntie, I don’t know why they didn’t have a handsome king who has large hands hooking up with his lovely daughter, that wouldn’t be weird, right?” said Trump to a silent room.