Turnbull Slams Vaccine Rollout As Biggest Failure Since His Own NBN Rollout


Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has labelled Scott Morrison’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout an “incredible failure”.

In an explosive appearance on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Turnbull described the rollout as “the biggest failure in public administration I have ever seen, other than my NBN rollout”.

As Communications Minister when the Liberal Government took power in 2013, Turnbull assured the public he could complete a vastly inferior NBN than was originally planned, by the end of 2016.

Here in July 2021, the rollout of the substandard multi-mix technology version of the NBN is still ongoing, and plans have already been announced to basically get rid of most of it and roll out Fibre to the Premises as originally planned by Labor.

“When I took over the NBN rollout, I had a slogan, which was ‘sooner, cheaper, and more affordably’” Turnbull told Seems Legit.

“Now obviously cheaper and more affordably are basically the same thing, and it ended up being much more expensive and took way longer, but the important thing is that I had a good slogan!

No one even knows what Scomo’s vaccine rollout slogan is do they? Just something about ‘sticking together’ while he tries to distract us with some new seesaw he’s allegedly built for his kids while he cooks a curry”.

It’s been reported that Australia ranked last out of 38 countries in the OECD when it comes to vaccination rates, and as of July 7, fewer than 8 per cent of the Australian population had been fully vaccinated.

“Not even 8%” laughed Mr Turnbull.

“Maybe it’s even worse than the NBN after all, and good luck blaming Labor for this one”.