NSW Mice Plague Protesters Release Millions More Mice Into Plagued Areas

Mice Plague

Due to the government being unable to stop a mice plague from ravaging parts of the country, thousands of NSW citizens have taken matters into their own hands with a powerful protest.

“That’ll sort it out” said Dom Azfark, thought to be the mastermind behind what they’re calling the Million Mice March.

“Being a keen student of American history, I’ve always believed in the NRA’s stance that the solution to gun violence is more guns.

“So, when I was thinking about this mice problem, it finally struck me that I could apply the same genius logic.

“The new mice we’ve let loose will probably stop the other mice from ravaging crops because there’s only so much food to go around, so problem solved…” concluded Mr Azfark while smugly dusting his hands.

Despite the confidence of the protesters, the government’s lead researcher for combating the mice plague had a slightly different point of view.

“They did f***ing what?” asked Professor Jerry Gonzales from the University of Sydney.

“Of course releasing more mice is going to make the plague worse, in what f***ing universe would that be a good idea?

“This would be like if the state was locked down due to a highly contagious virus and thousands of people gathered together in protest, spreading it around and therefore extending the very lockdown they’re protesting against”.