All Lives Matter Protesters Target Homeless Shelter Fundraiser

All Lives Matter

The controversial All Lives Matter group has recently taken aim at a local shelter that provides free food and accommodation for the homeless.

“Why should all these people get handouts just because they don’t have a home? I don’t have an Xbox and no one is raising funds for that” said Spencer, one of the comparatively more coherent protesters.

“Are you saying my needs aren’t as important as theirs? I thought people wanted equality!

“I just don’t believe one group of people should be advantaged over another, unless of course it’s been ingrained in the society for centuries and people have become accustomed to it”.

Spencer went on to admit that the death of George Floyd was a true tragedy, but not exactly how you might expect.

“Obviously that cop in Minneapolis made a mistake, but to fire him, let alone arrest him really sickens me.

“Is our society really okay with ruining a man’s life just because he made a mistake? Really? Is no one seeing the problem with this?”

“If anyone is getting oppressed here it’s white people who get labelled as racists because they’re fighting for equality, but you don’t hear me complaining” he complained.