Boomer Spends Hours Complaining To Internet Company For Wasting His Time

Boomer Internet

A former small business owner has unleashed a tirade of abuse on his internet provider, due to what appears to have been a fairly minor inconvenience.

Bruce Deego (67) called telecommunications company, Straya Net, after discovering that he couldn’t access the internet and view Sky News.

“This is a bloody joke, put me through to the CEO” yelled Bruce to the overseas call centre operator without explaining what the problem was.

Despite it being discovered that one of the cords to the modem had been knocked out by his dog, Bruce insisted on a refund, and was credited back 7 cents for the 48 minutes of downtime without internet he endured.

However, without a dose of Sky News to tell him who else he should be angry with, his aim was firmly locked onto the poor sap working below the poverty line on the other end of the phone.

Bruce chose to spend the next few hours aggressively explaining how he ‘doesn’t have time to talk to you people’, citing a series of prior issues.

“I called three times because you wouldn’t let me send an email to my mate Bob” exclaimed the entitled retiree.

When the operator politely explained it was because he tried sending it to ‘’ instead of the correct ‘’, he accused them of being pedantic.

“Oh, give me a break! It’s one letter off, you know where it’s supposed to go to, you’re just being difficult”.

Bruce then complained about the slow speeds he’s experienced, even though it’s more than fast enough to handle his news streaming and sending the occasional email to his mate Bob.

“I did a speed test and I’m getting less megabytes than I signed up for, when are you going to take some responsibility?” asked Bruce.

“Unfortunately, the NBN in your area can’t reach the full speed which is why we switched you to a cheaper plan” said the customer service agent.

“Not good enough, you need to fix this useless NBN” continued the baby boomer.

The agent then attempted to explain the reasoning without explicitly saying that it’s due to the NBN rollout being botched by the government he voted in.

“I don’t care, I expect a call from your boss to talk more about this as I’m very busy and don’t have time to be on the phone all day, it’s ridiculous”.