Scomo Admits He’s Pretty Relieved He Managed To Get Vaccine Before Supply Issue

Scomo Vaccine

The Australian Prime Minister has revealed he’s very thankful he was able to get his COVID-19 jab early before Australia’s massive supply shortage became apparent.

“This COVID stuff sounds terrible, glad I’ll be able to avoid it haha” joked the PM.

Although it seemed at the time like a display of leadership to show that getting the vaccine was safe, it appears to have just been because he knew the rollout was going to be a shambles and wanted to make sure he got himself sorted first.

“Obviously there are a few perks of being the Prime Minister” continued the inspirational leader.

“You get to shirk responsibility, blame others for your incompetence and absolutely tee off when people make errors of judgement that are far milder than what your own party members do.

“Fortunately, you can also squeeze yourself in ahead of everyone for limited, potentially lifesaving healthcare.

It was in February that Mr Morrison got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine instead of the less popular Astrazeneca jab which is no longer recommended for people under 50; a group he’s not a part of.

Since then millions of promised doses haven’t arrived, but Scomo says he’s sent at least a couple of emails to the delivery company to see what’s up.

“Hopefully they’ll get back to me soon and I’ll let you know, but apparently like a lot of companies, their staff are pretty busy at the moment due to a pandemic so there could be some delays in getting a reply.

“It’s a good thing the state Premiers mostly managed to eradicate the virus in this country, otherwise people would be really pissed about the almost non-existent vaccine rollout at the moment.

“And let’s not forget who made the important decision that combating the pandemic is a state responsibility so I didn’t have to do anything. Me, that’s who!

“Think of how many thousands of lives my responsibility dodging has saved.

“You’re welcome Australia”.