Mum Has Been Preparing For Plastic Bag Ban Her Entire Life

Mum Plastic Bag Ban

With Woolworths and Coles no longer providing free plastic bags to customers, a minor change in habits is now required for much of the population.

However, Karen (53) is confident she’s stored enough of them over the years to last several lifetimes.

“I actually think the ban is probably a good idea, but it’s fair to say the plastic bag needs of myself, my children, and my children’s children are well and truly covered” Karen told Seems Legit.

The mother of four has never thrown one out during her several decades of shopping, unless it’s first fulfilled an alternative purpose.

“I’ve used them as bin liners, to pick up scraps, as disposable gloves, or to store and carry anything that doesn’t warrant being in an old ice cream tub.

“My mother taught me from a young age that they’re handy to have around and fortunately that life lesson stuck with me a lot longer than the ones about being wary of anyone ethnic.

“I started off with my mum’s method of storing lots of plastic bags within one plastic bag, and then I got one of those long dispensers that hang on the pantry door.

“But it was never enough so they started piling up in the cupboard under the sink before my husband, Greg built a shed in our backyard to store our increasing load.

“They say it can take a thousand years for the environment to break down a plastic bag, but I’m confident my family’s supply will last much longer than that”.


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