Carlton Fan Stays Until Final Siren To Avoid Traffic

Carlton Fan

Leaving games before completion is often thought to be an effective method of minimising the inconvenience of dealing with people fleeing an AFL stadium, but the opposite has turned out to be true for Carlton fixtures this year.

Jack (42) is one Carlton fan who has taken the unusual measure of waiting until the game is actually over before making his way home.

“It would have been nice if some of the players did the same” Jack told Seems Legit.

“But it’s been a great opportunity to have some quality time to myself.

“Usually at some point in the first quarter, it’s pretty clear we’re going to get thrashed again, and everyone rushes to get out of there.

“I guess I got as sick of the body to body contact you experience with other supporters trying to leave as a lot of our players have on the field.

“So now I just sit comfortably at the ground, catch up on some emails, have a few moves on Word with Friends, and make the most of the time to relax in peace without anyone bothering me.

“After the final siren sounds, I’m able to leisurely waltz out of there feeling recharged and ready to pretend football doesn’t exist for another week”.

Other than Jack, the most prominent Blues supporters to last the full game against Hawthorn are believed to be the umpires, who told Seems Legit that even the lopsided 24-14 free kick count doesn’t truly reflect their efforts to try and keep Carlton in the contest.