Rookie Council Worker Foolishly Thinks He’s Ready To Hold A ‘Slow’ Sign

Council Worker Slow Sign

Despite only being on the job for two months, Jed (20) is eager for some increased responsibility at the worksite.

“Yeah, I’ve been crushing it standing around in hi-vis looking at the bloke using the forklift ay, and I’m regularly breaking the 50% barrier for getting the morning coffee orders right. I’m ready” Jed explained.

However, Seems Legit understands that there are those on site who doubt his readiness for the important task.

“That little pipsqueak can’t even finish 3 pies at lunch, and he brought his own bloody knife and fork because he can’t eat ’em standing up” laughed Terry, a veteran tradie and council worker with more than 30-years’ experience.

“When I was his age, I had to prove myself before getting a job as big as holding the ‘slow’ sign.

“Those signs won’t stand up themselves you know…well not unless you get the ones that do.

“Back in my days as a builder’s apprentice, I added three storeys to a building by myself before the 5am start, and the boss still wouldn’t give me that sort of responsibility” said Terry during his brief three-hour lunch break.

“Maybe after he finishes patching up those storm damaged powerlines we’ll see if he can up-skill into counting some bricks”.

Jed’s dream is to one day rise from the lowly position of standing around watching the bloke using the forklift, to the coveted role of holding a clipboard while watching the bloke using the forklift.


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