Investigation Finds Drone Fishing Chair Still Safer Than Tiger Air

Drone Fishing

After a video of a Victorian man fishing in mid-air while hanging from rope connected to a drone went viral, Australia’s aviation regulator launched an enquiry into whether it breached safety regulations.

However, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has since decided to stop being pricks about it and are now celebrating a great Australian innovation.

“After a thorough examination of the aircraft, we can confirm that it’s at least safer than Tiger Air” a spokesperson for CASA told Seems Legit.

“While that’s not exactly a high standard, seriously mate, did you see that guy? What a bloody mad dog!

“He actually caught a fish too, he’s an absolute hero”.

The hero in question is Sam Foreman, who was sitting in the custom-built drone fishing chair for the maiden flight.

“It was actually surprisingly comfortable” said Mr Foreman.

“Much more legroom than Tiger, no flight delays, and reasonably priced alcohol as well”.

Seems Legit understands that Tiger Air is actually developing its own drone fishing contraption, but to save on costs they’re removing the seating and beverage holder, so you’ll basically just be holding onto the rope by hand.


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