Report: Trump Typed LOL When He Wasn’t Actually Laughing Out Loud

Republicans are scrambling after being presented with proof that the outgoing President has been dishonest, for what is the first time they’re aware of.

Multiple staffers witnessed Mr Trump typing ‘LOL’ in reply to a text message from a good friend by the name of Vladimir, despite not even cracking a smile.

“Does this revelation suggest that he hasn’t always been 100% truthful or is it an isolated incident?” questioned Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, who asked that his identity be excluded from this article.

“I don’t know what to think anymore” continued Senator Cruz.

“There’s never been any inkling that he’s even exaggerated before, let alone lied, so it’s fair to say we’re all pretty shaken at the moment”.

Trump, however, hit back at the allegations.

“I’m by far the best at honesty” said the Commander-in-chief.

“In fact, I’m the most truthful person in the history of the world, and probably the universe if I’m being honest with you…which I obviously am, because I never lie.

“I actually have a rare condition that makes it impossible for me to lie. This is straight from the very best doctors, and they know what they’re talking about”.

However, other Republicans including Senator Cruz still seemed torn about the issue.

“I just don’t know what to do this information” said Cruz.

“He’s saying one thing, but we know the opposite is true.

“I guess I’ll just pretend that everything he says is right and vehemently attack anyone who suggests otherwise, what’s the worst that could happen?”