Manager Says A-sap Because Pronouncing A.S.A.P. Wastes Time He Can’t Afford

A very busy and important manager for an architectural agency, has recently begun using the term ‘A-sap’ when making an urgent request.

James Baxter (42) first heard the term used on an episode of The West Wing and has adopted it ever since.

“Yeah, he just started slipping it into conversations like ‘I want that draft on my desk A-sap’, ‘the biscuit jar needs to be re-stocked A-sap’ and ‘could you please have a look at my thigh rash A-sap’” said Clark, one of James’ underlings.

“If someone tells me something needs to be done as soon as possible, I assume it’s not even urgent” James told Seems Legit.

“If they’ve got the time say all four words, it’s hardly a pressing issue.

“Saying A.S.A.P. is fine for most I guess, but I don’t even have time for that.

“I’m very busy you know, ask anyone around here, they’ll tell you” said James.

This claim was backed up by Clark and several other co-workers in the office.

“Absolutely, he’s super busy. I mean, he wears a full suit all day, but the tie is often loosened and askew, due to how much work he’s been doing” said Clark.

“Yeah he’s just got that busy face” said another co-worker.

“So even though he might appear to just be walking around, using abbreviations, eating biscuits, and telling people how much work he’s got, I’m sure he’s doing a lot”.

James went on to describe some of the challenges he faces when striving for maximum productivity.

“You know I even tried dropping the ‘A’ and just said that I need things ‘sap’ for a while, as in just, ‘soon as possible’” said James.

“But I ended up having to explain what ‘sap’ meant most of the time so I stopped.

“I guess the world isn’t quite ready for me working at absolute peak efficiency yet”.

Seems Legit has also been advised that at home his wife calls him Jamie, but it’s not something he’ll allow in the office.

“It’s different at home when I can relax, but I won’t tolerate an inefficient and unnecessary second syllable in my name around here.

“I’d rather people just call me ‘J’ as James takes quite long to say for a one syllable name.

“Either that or ‘The Big J Daddy’. I don’t mind that one because the guys around here really like it”.

“No one calls him that” said Clark.


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