Girl With Name Spelt ‘Siobhan’ Claims It’s Pronounced ‘Jessica’

A TAFE student of Irish ancestry has taken exception to the mispronunciation of her name during a lecturer’s roll call, it has emerged.

Despite butchering quite a few foreign names on the list, no one was too bothered until he reached ‘Siobhan’.

“See-oh-barn” called the Sports Science lecturer, multiple times without reply.

“See-oh-barn O’McMurphy” he bellowed in a final attempt before receiving a sassy response.

“Um, excuse me, it’s obviously pronounced ‘Jess-ee-kuh’” said the young student before launching into a tirade about how someone who calls themselves a TAFE lecturer should actually have an education.

This wasn’t the first time the educator had been confused by the difference between the spelling and pronunciation of an Irish name.

“Yeah, I don’t mind too much, at least I know for next time” said the lecturer.

“Some others that have given me trouble of the years were ‘C-a-o-i-m-h-e’ which is pronounced ‘Kwee-va’.

“‘N-i-a-m-h’ which is pronounced ‘nee-ov’.

“‘S-a-o-i-r-s-e’ which is pronounced ‘ser-shah’.

“And ‘B-o-n-o’, which is pronounced ‘wan-ker’”.