Man Devastated To Discover His Back Hair Is Thinning

Back Hair

An unintentional glance at his bathroom mirror has uncovered the disturbing news for Marco (27) that he’s losing the hair on his back.

“Who knows when it started” Marco told Seems Legit.

“It’s not an area that I see very often, and it was just dumb luck that I was stretching my neck after a shower and saw the reflection.

“I used to have a beautiful, lustrous mane on my back, and I guess I just assumed it would last forever”.

Since the initial finding, Marco has been incredibly self-conscious about it, avoiding any situation where he might be seen shirtless in public.

“It’s affected so many parts of my life” said Marco.

“I certainly haven’t been to the beach since I found out.

“I must have had 10 hotdogs at a poolside barbecue recently to ensure I always had the excuse of not swimming for 30 minutes after eating, and you should have seen how heated the argument was when a mate suggested doing shirts versus skins in a supposedly friendly game of basketball.

“I feel like such a freak. Why can’t I just go bald on my head like a normal bloke?

“I’m only 27. I don’t get why something like this would happen to someone so young”.

Seems Legit understands that the situation has gotten considerably worse in the months following his discovery.

While the hair on his head remains as gloriously thick as ever, Marco has now lost almost all of his body hair.

“I look like some sort of male model, it’s horrible.

“It’s gotten to the stage where I can’t even wear shorts because my disturbingly hairless calves would be on display for all to see”.

Unsurprisingly, the embarrassing condition has been affecting his love life as well.

“I’ve intentionally avoided dating since I first detected the hair loss.

“There are lovely girls asking me out all the time, but only because they don’t know the real me.

“Sometimes I think I should at least go out on a date, but what if things progress?

“I’ll be like that ‘never nude’ Tobias guy on Arrested Development. But even he was okay with just wearing jean shorts, I need to keep my whole body covered at all times”.

What’s particularly difficult for Marco is that very few scientists are researching how to regrow body hair.

“I don’t know who to turn to. Advanced Hair and the trusted doctors at Ashley & Martin just laughed me out of the clinics”.

For those who have been touched by this tragic story, please get in touch through our contact page about donating to Marco’s help fund, which will finance important research, and assist in his quest to lead a normal life.


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