Genius Puts Food Too Hot For Fingers Into Mouth

Food Too Hot

Duncan Pots (38) has recently showcased his masterful quick-thinking ability at a friend’s wedding, by shovelling piping hot mini arancini balls into his mouth to prevent his fingers from getting burnt.

“Yeah I saw it” one of Duncan’s friends told Seems Legit.

“It was during that early part of the reception before anyone sits down, and the hors d’oeuvres had been pretty scarce.

“Duncan and I parked ourselves just outside the kitchen so that the wait staff would have to serve the next batch to us first.

“Those arancini balls must have been filled with molten lava or something because I had to get a bunch of napkins just so I could hold onto one, but Duncan grabbed three without thinking and then shoved them in his mouth because his fingers couldn’t take the heat”.

Witnesses told Seems Legit that the local savant then made a series of awkward screaming noises as he attempted to cool the food with his breath while it was still in his open mouth.

To his credit, Duncan continued in agony for several minutes without spitting anything out, so he could eventually swallow the usually tasty appetiser.

We then asked the astute decision maker if he regretted his actions.

“Uh cuhdt tahhhke it, it wahh too hohh, thoh hohhh, neeh wahher” said Duncan with what we suspect is a severely burnt mouth.