Burglar Sues Shop Owner For Falsely Claiming There Was No Cash Left On Premises

No Cash Left On Premises

Douglas Adams was arrested two weeks ago, for attempting to steal a 200cm OLED television from his local pub.

Having tripped a silent alarm when he entered, the man was found by police at approximately 2am, face down to the floor, with a severe back injury, and the TV smashed beyond repair.

According to his lawyer, the awkward size and weight of the OLED, built to project incredibly distinguished blacks, resulted in Mr Adams experiencing a debilitating back issue and dropping the television.

While the pub owner won’t be pressing charges as long as Mr Adams pays for a replacement OLED, the $7000 price tag, along with his medical expenses have left him in a difficult financial position.

“The magnificent OLED television turned out to be far too difficult to remove from the establishment, and my client is seeking compensation from the party at fault” said Mr Adams’ lawyer.

“He’s not suing the pub owner for having such an exorbitant TV, that would be ridiculous, a television of that quality is worth every penny, but my client wouldn’t have attempted to steal it if the newsagency across the road hadn’t misled him”.

Mr Adams is claiming that he was only required to attempt the OLED theft, because the newsagency in question had a sign stating that there is ‘no cash left on premises’.

“Like anyone, thieves need income, so my client scouted out some opportunities for work in the area” said his lawyer.

“With no discernible alarm system, the newsagency looked like a great option, but the sign clearly stated that there is no cash left on the premises, so he didn’t want to waste his time.

“However, my client has recently been informed on very very good authority by his mate Robbo, that the newsagency had more than $4000 on the premises when it was robbed two nights ago.

“For a start, Mr Adams is seeking damages from the newsagency to pay back the pub owner, and cover his medical expenses.

“His chiropractor has advised that he won’t recuperate properly unless he avoids burglary for at least two months, so he is also claiming compensation for time unable to work.

“Additionally, my client would like his own OLED television”.


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