Report: 95% Of People Score In Top 2% Of Online IQ Test

IQ Test Genius

A curiously high proportion of people taking an internet IQ test have been deemed to possess highly advanced intelligence, it has emerged.

The results of such tests coincidentally happen to be very easily shared on social media by men such as Darren (34).

“Not suprised that im a bloody jeenius lol, howbout youse moreons giv it a go ay haha” the prodigy posted on Facebook shortly after learning he has a higher IQ than Elon Musk.

“There were some tough questions in there that I really had to think about, that’s how you know it’s for real” Darren explained to Seems Legit.

We gather that Darren was referring to the questions we’ve included below, which were clearly the most challenging in the test:

Which example doesn’t belong in the group?
A) Dog
B) Cat
C) Turtle
D) 1995 Mitsubishi Magna

How do you spell the word ‘clickbait’ ?
A) Clikbyte
B) Clockbate
C) Clickbait
D) Cricket

How much is 1+1+1+1 ?
A) 4
B) 1111
C) Marmalade
D) Pass

The creators of the IQ test have concluded that the results must be due to a dramatic increase in intellectual capacity among those with the ability to share results.

“It’s almost definitely not because our company earns money based on how many people take the test, and that most people would only share their results and encourage their friends to take it if they’ve performed well” said a spokesperson for the company.

Several prominent figures have advocated the authenticity of the test, including U.S. President Donald Trump, pop star Justin Bieber, and Collingwood cheer squad leader, Joffa.

However, one alleged Professor of Psychology at Oxford University claimed that “the best use of internet IQ tests is in determining below average intelligence evident in those who believe they’re meaningful”.

The now proven, stable geniuses at Seems Legit have deduced that the professor must just be super salty after bombing the IQ test when he tried it. What a loser!


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