2 Office Cleaners Somehow Close Off Toilets On All 3 Floors At Once

Toilets Closed For Cleaning

Toilet access has reportedly become a rare luxury at a local office building, due to some curious behaviour from its cleaners.

“Is this a joke?” exclaimed Darren from the sales department after discovering a ‘closed for cleaning’ sign on the level 1 bathroom door shortly after seeing one on the ground floor.

Witnesses told Seems Legit that Darren’s anger quickly turned into panic once he discovered that he was also locked out of the third and final toilet in the building.

“I swear I saw one of them playing on his phone in the kitchen at the same time as well” said a colleague of Darren’s.

Fortunately the cleaners had plenty of time on their hands, so were more than happy to answer a few questions about the matter.

“Yeah, there’s really not much to do when it gets cleaned every day, so we do like to mess with them a bit” said one of the cleaners.

“We actually had to order in some extra signs, because obviously there shouldn’t be any requirement to have more than one.

“But when I told the boss about my idea, he bloody loved it.

“All three floors at once was an extreme example, but we definitely monitor the habits of certain staff and make sure the toilet on their level is closed off when they’re going to need it.

“Basically, if you reckon it always seems like the bathroom is closed at the worst possible time, it’s not bad luck, you’ve been targeted”.

While lacking any proof, the office staff have also had their suspicions.

“They’ve got to be taking the piss, but I reckon it gets worse on ‘Curry Thursday'” said one of the office drones.

“Not that I blame them, I’d be doing anything I could to avoid going in there after ‘Big Dazza’ has polished off his double serving of vindaloo and four garlic naan“.